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Paul Bouchard

Selected Commissions

Saratoga Battlefield Monument.jpg
Sword Surrender Site.jpg

Central Bronze,  Saratoga Surrender Site Monument
(Friends of Saratoga Battlefield,

Schuylerville, NY)

Peedee Right Side___edited.jpg

Pee Dee statue
co-created with Robert Buono 
(PD Pitchford Companion Animal Village, spcaLA, Long Beach, CA)



Commissioned by Dr. C. Lewis, Later donated to Congregation Ohr Kodesh, Silver Spring, MD

0Santa Margarita Petroglypf -Fallbbook_.

Santa Margarita Petroglyph
(San Diego State University

Fallbrook Field Station, Fallbrook, CA)

Healing Waters 4.jpg

Healing Waters 4,

Sonoma State University Center for

Environmental Inquiry, Rohnert Park, CA

Things Comming Together.jpg

Things Are Coming Together
(Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, Menlo Park, CA)

Healing Waters_jjpg_edited-1.jpg

Healing Waters,

(Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, Menlo Park, CA)

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